a black mirrorPoetry

A Black Mirror.

Maybe I am attention seeking.
Can’t save a broken mirror from cracking.

I am unable to speak
What I am thinking
I filter my words until
They have lost all meaning.
Meaning they mean
White noise in the shape of speech
For fear of hurting your feelings.
I’m thinking that my thinking
Will contradict your thinking
Therefore to keep the peace,
I need to save my speech.
For you,
Dear diary,
Today I felt used
By someone who said they loved me,
Called them out on their fake speech –
Only to get reminded it’s only in my head,

you see,
It’s only my reality; –
That’s faulty.
And tomorrow
We return to regular life.
Pretending to be self right,
Preaching what you didn’t learn
Check up on your friends, reach out to a professional
Speak up damn it, why don’t you?
the script is not a confessional

just be honest
be you
the you we paid absolutely nothing to see
but the you we need you to be.


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