Book 👏 Review👏

Book 👏 Review👏: Plastic & Superstars

I have been slacking somewhat in January (and this month!) on my reading. That’s the issue! I go in highs and lows of reading, a fantastic fiction novel back to some …. and I disappeared down a YouTube black hole!

I think I need to start giving my reading a specific block. I’m gonna give it a shot, I’ll update you guys next month. That’s enough pre-amble –

No. More. Plastic. – Martin Dorey
I’m not an eco-warrior. I have always had a semi-interest in the perservation of our only living planet???? and decided to download it on my Kindle app to read on the go. No plotlines or important messages to remember, so I can read it literally at any time.

Oh, how I was wrong. I ended up screenshotting half of the book. It was fascinating. By 2050, there’ll be more plastic in the oceans than fish!! We talk about cars, factories, light etc as things killing out planet, but the thing that will do it faster is our waste and how we get rid of it. Those are minute to minute decisions we make. As much it inspired me to clean up my habits and my surroundings (I actually pick up random bits of rubbish I see lying around to put in the right bin!) – it truly cleansed my mind. Check it out here.

Duaa’ of a Superstar – Alima Ashfaq

I had the pleasure of meeting Alima at a conference here in Ireland, that too at a critical point in my life. That book was a beacon of light, in a way, during tough periods. However, as she starts the book on intentions, I never wanted to start it as an ”escape”, but as a revival.

That’s how I started my January.

(I know you read sometimes, so salam lovely! I’ll be as honest as possible)

There’s little anecdotal stories throughout the book to illustrate examples. A lot of them are very familiar. But the key part is, as the derail, they have opportunities to get back on track. There’s stories of the prophets and of course, Alima’s practical wisdom and insight (may Allah reward her abundantly!).

This book was about your duaa’, how to strengthen that ever so vital chord with Allah (swt), but for me, it was a book on how to open another eye. I have started to count my blessings instead of asking for new ones. You’re given opportunity to health check your ”connection”, I’ve dogeared the majority of it to refer to later. Simple acts such as picking a name of Allah (I mean, there’s 99 to choose from…) to reflect on daily is really helpful to someone who is learning to banish darkness away again.

Appendix A: dogeared book

I’ve prided myself on concentration in salah and duaa. Over the years, as things in my life took place, those things took centre stage. And I’ve sworn to never dedicate myself like that to anything or anyone again. I needed a push back to who I used to be. And granted, I am not there, but this book definitely helped. It was a splash of cold water, and we’re now awake.

I’d put this up there with ”Reclaim Your Heart”. Go, buy it here.

That’s all we got for this month. I’ll try get the next one up earlier. As always, open to recommendations. Thank you for making it this far x

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